Being hated is the price one pays for knowing the truth. It’s also the price one pays for believing many falsehoods. And double-parking. And doing too many noticeable good deeds, and committing all the crimes. And playing the drums too loudly when your next-door neighbor is trying to write comics commentary, GREGORY [real name withheld]. Intelligent beings are good at hating each other, I think is the takeaway here.

Which leads me to a more serious anecdote. I reviewed this page in 2013 and noted the black icon in white circle on red field imagery. It was, er, familiar but struck me as not familiar enough to be too triggery. Hey, it’s not like Hitler registered a copyright! Heck, the United Farm Workers had an icon like that!

In 2017, I had moved from Charlottesville, where I was during most of 2013, but one of the Charlottesvillers I had befriended back then had to deal with avowed, self-identified Nazis on the streets of his home. He had a heart attack a week later and passed early this year.

Would I still sign off on this imagery today? Mmm, probably in certain contexts. But I’d regard it as a bit less of a harmless relic.