So here’s four panels of my original page 1, reworked and retrofitted as a flashback, and the kind of smash cut to weeks later that I’d be doing a lot more of if Phil weren’t reining me in.

Original had “Thunderfisting Mountain,” see which you like better.

I think Bragga saying “literally” when he meant figuratively was a planned running gag that just never got any further on the racetrack. Between his exotic palate, his size, his boisterousness, and his poor impulse control, there was enough that was funny about him already.

Some typographical weirdness on this page. I think Phil just misjudged the size of a balloon and opted for “hunt & jail” over the original “hunt and jail” to save himself some work. And the capital I’s in the last balloon remind me that I had written it in all caps, to be shouted to his fellows rather than casually commented to himself. Braggadocio does not seem like a very introspective man. I imagine he doesn’t talk to himself much when there’s others around that he can shout to.