The first panel is nice foreshadowing, and it’s a bit of a compromise between Phil’s and my dueling positions. Fightopia may look silly… it may in fact be silly… but sometimes serious conflicts have seemingly silly beginnings, if there are real issues underlying them.

I misnamed Miyamoto as “Persson” in my script, which caused Phil and me some consternation until we realized the mistake.

One could read Sundar’s Declaration of Independence, and Fightopia in general, as a little self-parody on my part. For all that I come off as the quiet thinker and Phil comes off as the loud, impulsive guy, Phil was all about the layers and layers of world-building and I was generally the one who was pushing to move the plot forward. “Let’s just have them fight a new race, Phil! Stop worrying how it fits into the game mechanics!” There are virtues to both approaches, but at your Constitutional Congress, you want a Phil, not a T.