This page was Phil’s addition, seasoned by me. Even now, I’m not fully sure I understand why he wanted it or what motivates Miyamoto’s actions. In the former case, I think Phil wanted to emphasize the Gastonian government’s inhumanity and put a greater emphasis on Rendar, whose inventions Phil was planning to roll out in upcoming stories. (Plus, he had plans for “Jarlssen” we ended up abandoning.)

But it’s an odd scene. Military matters like this are Jarvis’ jurisdiction, and failing that, Ardaic’s; Miyamoto is seriously overstepping his bounds as municipal chief by presuming to dictate what’s necessary to win the war. In fact, if Rendar’s this important to the war effort, Ardaic should be more familiar with his name and accomplishments than Miyamoto is. (I think Ardaic’s interruption was partly meant to convey that Gastonia still had some military secrets Syr’Nj wasn’t aware of. But that raises other questions.)

In my view, this was an unusual case of too much dramatic urgency. I was trying to do a low-key comedy and keep things fun, and here’s Miyamoto going “KILL EVERY LAST SON OF A BITCH IN THAT AREA IF YOU HAVE TO, IN FACT I’D PREFER IT, SO LONG AS YOU BRING THAT ONE GUY BACK ALIVE.” Like, OK, boomer.