We knew at this point what fate awaited Rachel. We were even pretty sure this’d be the last in-depth talk she and Frigg would have about either of their lives. So we did our best to behave like it wasn’t, to resist the temptation to telegraph that fate too early. I think we succeeded here; later on, not so much.

It’s not entirely clear that Rachel is actually misreading the situation. She may have just decided to “misread” it, since that clearly gets under Frigg’s skin.

If I were to pick a member of the Peacemakers to act as scout or lookout, it’d probably be Bandit, and if not her, then still not the women who never use any sort of attack that depends on distance vision, unlike Byron or Syr’Nj. But let’s say all three of the other charter members are doing too much leadership role-juggling to be stuck on the tower long enough for this job.