I’m just gonna quote the script at you for a bit here.

  1. The World’s Rebellion charges. As ordered, Savasi are in the very front, with trolls at either side of them and land sharks coming up behind them. Most are practically roaring with battle-frenzy.
  2. The Silver Centurion raises his sword and rides his mighty steed… and a mixture of human, gnomish rifleman and wood elf soldier follow behind him, bravely if a bit less eagerly.
  3. The wedge of Rebel troops collides with the wall that is the Gastonian alliance. Auto-Lancers and Hammertanks are moving in to take the fight to the next level, while the troops draw first blood against each other. The Silver Centurion is good at what he does and he gets right into it with the Savasi, but he doesn’t use the magic, Frigg-like powers that we saw him use at the start of Chapter 24.