So here’s Colonnus, Astoria Troy, Tobias Gnipgnop in panel 1 and Isidro again and Braggadocio soon after. So the team is really only 60% “Kick[starter]-backers[‘ creations],” but I think it sells these new guys better to integrate them with folks we’ve seen before, as well as answering the question of what sort of things Colonnus and Bragga have been up to lately. Byron’s Guild does confer benefits even when he’s not around personally, after all.

It feels vaguely off to me, thanks to mainstream superhero fare as part of my reading diet, that the Kickbackers are quite so blasé about killing folks, but we’ve certainly established that the Peacemakers would be just as merciless. Maybe it’s just that these particular Cultists felt like they were about to do something interesting.

Sorry for any glitches in tonight’s strip, this should be the final version. Another project’s been running me ragged, and I’ve still got months before it’ll be finished, but I try not to let you see past that part of the veil too often.