The conclusion of the Plattsburgh saga…

Having come this far, I went to the local comic-book store in the hope that they had one of the sixty copies from our first shipment that had already made it through. No, they didn’t, but by 3:30, I’d reached Jay Spence at Diamond, who assured me this would be all right.

“We generally order several more than we have received orders for, just to cover shipping errors”—-at these last two words, I restrained an outburst of bitter laughter—-“or problems on our end. We’ll just roll one over and add it to the total of the second order.”

I hadn’t failed! Relief coursed through my veins, the sun in the car was warm, and before long, I was sleeping the sleep of the just.

The trip home would be fraught with inconsiderate wi-fi providers, frightening truck stops, and roadie showers, and by the time I got to that D.C. gathering, I was pretty punchy. Still, Flo and Janice and the DeLorean were there, so that was cool.

Too bad Cardboard-Box Man couldn’t have joined us. Whatever happened to that guy?