Brother Tom was at risk of channeling a bit too much Palpatine (“Everything is proceeding as I have foreseeeeen”) without the wrinkle of this mysterious nobody. It’s been a long time since he’s had to deal with not knowing something that could be important. Everything else in his life is going too right for him to be entirely worried about this mystery, and the fact that Homon’s helping his plans along puts him somewhat more at ease. But still, it gnaws at him. It should.

This bonding through drink probably counts as a callback to Tom’s negotiations with Iwatani. Looks like those are working out pretty well for the latter: Tom is now delivering on his promise to take one of Iwatani’s political rivals off the board, and he personally will not be around afterward to seize his side of the bargain. Indeed, since he foresaw his own death here, it’s hard to say why he made such specific requests of Iwatani, unless he just wanted him to worry and to understand that the Cultists were not his underlings. At any rate, you can’t have payoff on every apparent planting without getting predictable.

There is no way on Earth that Plato scholar HR Dedalus isn’t dropping a reference to The Odyssey in that final panel, there.