If I’m reading him correctly, Sundar in panel 2 is a little nonplussed to be reminded that his traveling companions are sometime magick users, but that is something he will definitely get way over before he’s through with this battle. Fighting a terrifying monster and barely holding your own even with a half-dozen different paranormal powers to aid you may realign your ideas about how necessary those powers are to your field. As has been demonstrated before, Sundar is stubborn but not immovable.

Are… are you thinking you can ride the squirrel, Frigg? I’d also like to know how Rachel’s trying to think past the problem of transportation. “Holy-powered leaps? Or maybe some kind of catapult?”

Callback to this scene, all the way down to the rhinosaurs having two confident riders and two who look like they’re holding on for dear life.

(Image adapted from Sketchplanations’ guide to heteronyms.)