Everyone focused on Frigg’s attack here, but for my money, the MVP of this page is Rachel. That was one hell of a flying tackle to carry Gravedust all the way out of range, even with WAV providing covering fire. My earlier theory that she’s been workshopping holy-powered leaps is looking more plausible.

These visual FX are just killer: all my warmest thanks to John and Jason.

This page prompted a little discussion about the bounds of the Corruptor Beast’s powers. Can it corrupt the air? Yes, it can and does, though the atmospheric damage is pretty trivial compared to its DPS to more tangible objects. Can it corrupt the ground? Clearly, but it can also instinctively not corrupt the ground, otherwise it’d be just digging a hole right into Arkerra’s molten core until even it could no longer endure the heat. WAV claims it only gains mass and power by consuming organic life, so it needs to manage its power sufficiently to be able to stay where the food is.