Originally, Magda was going to say a bit more here, but she’ll end up saying it on the next page instead. I felt we shouldn’t step on the evocative moment in that last frame. It’s kind of an end-of-Star-Wars-VII beat, where you know enough to know this is an emotional meeting but not exactly how it’ll play out.

I’m glad we ended up having Gravedust be elsewhere for the Champions’ debut; it was better to give Magda a chance to develop in combat with strangers before this reunion. Again, it’s about establishing a Point A for your characters’ arc so they have a clearer journey into Point B (and sometimes further letters).

Other aliases for Gravedust suggested by our truly beloved comments section: Cradleslab Glaciersickle, Tombstone Mountainsledge, Sepulchresoilparticles Lowrainfallregionmallet, Cryptsediment Subtropicalhatchet, Dirtrubble Droughtwhacker, Coffindirt Aridgavel, Rocky.