Nice detail in panel 2 that what alerts Bandit and Rabbit first is a small stampede from the wildlife. They’ve known something was not right in their woods for ages, but what they’re feeling now is more intense than the smoke, sound, and air pressure change of a four-alarm fire. An earlier draft had the sun darkening, but the colors are pretty washed out in their scene already.

We also cut this Rabbit line: “They’re nihilists. Lookin’ for reasons that make sense is silliness at reason’s expense–” I was like, “Between Rabbit, Brother Tom, Gravedust, and the soon-to-return Payet Best, we just have too many characters breaking into rhyme! Guess we’ll have to do something to thin out the herd.”

Tagging this abomination “Byron” is even more of a fib than tagging his corpse with his name, but calling it “The Berserker” isn’t going to work for this story, either.