I think we should have spent more of pages 12-13 showing Brother Tom’s emotional transition. It’s a bit of a journey back from “What even is this, how dare something happen that I didn’t predict, who is this squinty-eyed jackass telling me my nihilism is meaningless” to “oh well, Byron’s still a screaming berzombie and about to kill me, I’ve reached my destination, it’s all good, damn do I love dying!” It’s not that I don’t believe such a transition is possible, but skipping over it is a bit of a lurch.

Again, there occasionally seems to be a rogue intelligence in the Berserker’s blank eyes. Axes are certainly quicker ways to kill Tom than strangling, but some echo of the rage Byron bore against him may be why the Berserker does this more personally. Or maybe he doesn’t understand Tom’s giving him the axes, I could be overthinking it.

Tom’s death grin: the worst possible example of “If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze like that.”