Flo’s note on E-Merl’s dialogue in panel 2: “OOPS I DID IT AGAIN OOPS OOPS”

An earlier version of this page included only Syr’Nj and the team of field medics. There was a nice bit where one of the human medics greeted Syr’Nj with warm familiarity and a hearty laugh, reminding us that once upon a time, Syr’Nj was a simple field medic herself. She acknowledges him by name (“No time for pleasantries, Nathaniel”). I’m not sure if it was Flo’s intent that Nathaniel come off as someone who was genuinely friendly to her back in the day, or if he’s meant to be kissing ass and rewriting the past now that Syr’Nj is higher in status than he will ever be.

Both ideas are interesting! But the larger scene weighed down the pacing and consisted mostly of Syr’Nj saying things that were either redundant or impossible for her to know. And even Flo was starting to worry about spinning our wheels too much. So the whole scene got merged with E-Merl running outside the town limits.

With this page, we announced that Volumes 1 and 2 were available in the Diamond catalogue. I don’t think Volume 3 ever made it in: our priorities were shifting.