So all these demons with no wounds to enter, you think they’re just gonna give up? Heck no! If there’s no front door into the body, they’ll just make one! I guess nobody’s going to be obligingly laughing like Brother Tom, so the mouth’s no good. And maybe they’re too squeamish to try anal.

Oh, geez, oh, geez. RIP Astoria. I mean, your body won’t be resting in a minute or two, but go on to a better existence, please.

Colonnus’ moxie in trying to wrestle his berserker demon reminds me of Auraugu. Which just makes me glad Auraugu isn’t here, because… well, you’ll see, I’m afraid.

I’m not entirely sure why Byron is still on his feet right now. Later events will make it plain that his body isn’t emptied of its original berserker spirit, so maybe that’s what’s keeping him going. If so, it must be at low ebb, since Byron is more staggery than swingy. The berserker does eventually yield control of the body when unstimulated or sedated… it’s just that sometimes, there isn’t a living spirit to yield to.

The last frame is obviously unfair of Bandit. But she’s been pushed and pushed and pushed. She’s pushed and pushed and pushed herself. And as reward for that, here’s her worst goddamn nightmare. Allies dying left and right, an entire village destroyed, and all of it… her fault? For her decisions, for presuming she could ever be more than a thief? No, no no, it can’t be… 

And the rage and terror she’s been packing down since forever bursts forth like a swarm of demons. The alt text jokes, but this is her own berserk moment. Even heroes have breaking points.