This is an interesting scene to me. It’s certainly inviting comparison to the earlier scene of Scipio and Fr’Nj in bed together. It’s arguably just as erotic, but in a very different way. That scene was about the joys of discovery, of each other’s bodies and of their relationship. This one is about exorcising pain, and how both physical and emotional intimacy can help with that.

Exactly how this bout of lovemaking was “different” from their others is somewhat left to the imagination. But the vines around the bed suggest that Fr’Nj was careless with her power in a way she normally wouldn’t be. She wanted to go over the edge, to lose control completely and feel her body howl. And she could do this, because she knew Scipio was strong enough to handle it and loving enough not to judge her. Fr’Nj communes with various animals. She knows their ways.

And this might seem to be just repeating the text, but maybe it bears repeating… to soothe Fr’Nj, Scipio gives her the most meaningful gift of love that he can. He offers to talk. At length.