“And now his curse is my curse” is…an interesting line, in light of the secrecy about Byron’s condition. Did Braggadocio know? Seems like he might’ve. They were close, once, before Byron ever met the Peacemakers. The “warning” Bragga mentions, though, is a more traceable reference to this.

Weird timing for a name pun, but it adds to the macabre grotesquerie, so I’ll allow it.

I strongly doubt that Isidro’s voice carries over to Bandit’s cell, which looks at least three stories’ elevation away from it. We’re just using a little poetic license for the scene transition’s sake. (We’re using a little more to assume that those cells, and indeed most of Asallah En-Qu’Lara, are not constantly being buffeted by winds too strong for anyone to hear anyone else. Sky elf magick FTW!)