“I’m sorry, my dear, but in the reshuffling of responsibilities, we decided to reallocate Don Pardo’s wood-elf-pun-making duties to me. So yes, ‘dead leaves’! Ce-what-I-did-dar?”

There’s a brief moment where Syr’Nj thinks Iwatani has confessed to murdering his fellow Heads of House. The fact that we haven’t quite gone there yet makes her suspicion into ominous foreshadowing, whereas if anyone had been killed, then Syr’Nj would be like those people in a horror movie who slowly walk into the attic.

Miyamoto, of course, doesn’t really give a damn about Byron or the love Syr’Nj bore him. His muttering is just his latest venting of frustration at having to justify anything to his racial inferiors. If she’d been seen sobbing on Byron’s funeral pyre, he’d be complaining about that as “beneath the Houses’ dignity.”