Let’s give Sundar some points here. He may still have a little racism to shed, and he may not know what a “functionalities” is, but he’s actually kind of right in his main argument: it is about what you do. He welcomes WAV into the fold by giving him the kind of alliterative name that most adventurers-for-hire sport (e.g., Byron the Berserker, Sundar the Sunderer). And he’s so proud to be a Peacemaker, it never even occurs to him to think WAV wouldn’t want to be welcomed into the fold. “Aw, he thinks he’s not good enough to be one o’ us? I remember that feelin’ like it was only yesterday [which it was]. Don’t worry, buddy, I’ll pep-talk ya!”

I can see Flo’s point about lettering styles on this page. WAV gets six words on it, and they take up the space of like thirteen of Sundar’s.

It’s not our most realistic moment, but I love that sequence of four broadsheets and the way the fourth headline just answers the third one’s question.