Nice bit of continuity in panel 1, as Syr’Nj remembers the graveside promise she made to Best.

We wanted Frigg’s doodle to be very like the trollface shown here, but not exactly like. The way she invokes old memes is fun, but we didn’t want her to seem too plugged into Sepia World or y’all would start wondering if her player was “waking up.”

Note the glares of contempt peeking out from under the inset and in the faded background of panel 4. This is our first clue to a new problem that our heroes will shortly confront.

Flo and I were skirmishing—mildly by our standards—over whether WAV should keep that helmet and the mechanical speech balloons. I felt like we should use what we established or at least get rid of it in a dramatic fashion. Flo’s issue was that they made long words really hard to letter, and as this page demonstrates, WAV often uses long words when he uses any words at all.