Poor E-Merl. Though his underlying emotion is obviously grief, he has no idea what to do with it and so the rest of his feelings are all over the map: depressed apathy, seething rage, crushing sadness, phony cheer, phony cheer seasoned with seething rage…and that’s all just on this one page.

Sundar may not be the world’s most qualified grief counselor…but he’s not the worst. Unfortunately, part of E-Merl is clinging to his pain, and Sundar’s attempts to get between him and it make him testy.

As a lot of readers noticed, Frigg’s face is unusually patient and sympathetic here. After going through her own mourning period for Rachel, she’s beginning to treat emotional damage as a real form of damage. And her role as a tank is to protect her teammates from damage, when she can. This is a new concept for her, and she hasn’t bought all the way in, but that’s the face of someone starting to change.