When Sundar joined the Peacemakers, he probably was not expecting to become the designated driver this fast. “Didn’t you guys usedta have a dwarf who could warn guys when their magick-usin’ was actually dangerous?”

Frigg’s old self is wrestling with her new sympathies. She compliments E-Merl’s insult, and hesitates to insult E-Merl himself. She manages, but it doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Then she latches onto a new stimulus, and uses that to tell herself she doesn’t need to worry about this situation. Her friends’ messy feels will resolve themselves with or without her involvement, surely. And so she loses interest in them, for now.

I can understand why the team wants to get out of range of E-Merl’s free-floating abuse for a while. Frigg’s probably thinking of her own experience when she says E-Merl’s beyond emotional help at the moment. But leaving him alone while he’s catastrophically drunk wouldn’t have been the best idea even if he didn’t have a grimoire and this bar weren’t full of potential random encounters.