In panel 1, Shanna summarizes the group’s gaming history, making zero value judgments about it as she does. There’s no “pathetically enough” or “as a substitute for a real social life” tacked on, there. Maybe Xan’s advice reached her. Maybe having nearly died at J.J.’s hands made some of her issues fall into perspective. But she won’t be breaking out the nerd-baiting in front of this crowd for quite a while…and when she does, it’ll be the playful ribbing of a friend, not the acid-tongued lashings of a misanthrope.

But somebody has to leaven this emotionally heavy exposition scene with some sarcasm, right? ENTER KAYE.

Lots of self-owns in these last few panels. Kaye admits the gamer culture has no shortage of odd behavior, Shanna admits she knows what she sounds like, and T and Flo admit that their whole series concept sounds a bit silly if you tell it in a certain way.