Helpful as Chrissie is being here, she could maybe mention why Bandit got drummed out, even if she’d probably say it was something she was forced to do. Byron’s death will turn out to be irrelevant to whether Byron’s player is alive or dead, but it could have been important information. But maybe that’s what she was about to say when Kaye interrupted her.

Man, how much fun could it have been to show Kaye going through some of Scipio’s questline and giving her interpretation of it as she went? (Sleeping with Fr’Nj) “Ah, I see I have unlocked the OnlyFans wood elf content.” (Fighting the Sisterhood of the Open Heart) “Okay, how many designers of this one had traumatic Catholic-school upbringings? Show of hands? What—ALL of you?” (Interrogating admitted Cultists) “Wow, wow wow wow. These guys are more nihilistic than Dark Souls.”

Fr’Nj’s status as “not quite a player, not quite an NPC” was a bugaboo for me and Flo, so we figured we might as well use that here.