I love those eyebrows in panel 1. Syr’Nj isn’t going to take HR’s claim at face value. But it’s so out there, so unexpected even from a Cultist, that curiosity outweighs everything. Syr’Nj wears many hats, but she’s never not a scientist.

HR is so excited to be able to tell someone about the wonderful things he’s done, he’s even going to be generous with the creative credit.

I guess it’s not too hard to imagine an Arkerra without a berserker curse, especially since that curse depends on some interaction with yet another universe. By HR’s lights, other things that might exist due to the players’ modifications include the mystics, Iver, Syr’Nj’s family, and the histories of the various warrior-nun sisterhoods. Curiously, I can’t think of something like that for Best’s player. Awesome as he is, he’s not really connected to the story of Arkerra like the others are. WAV, on the other hand, left a few connections behind in Cyberia.