The last panel of the prior page: “Byron wanted the curse to exist.” This page: “Eric could’ve imagined Byron as a wealthy lord, but [Eric wanted the curse to exist]…” You see what I mean? Even if you take a lot of HR’s account at face value, he keeps conflating the players in his office and “their characters.” That was guaranteed to piss off Syr’Nj eventually (“Don’t feel too bad about your dead love, he was really always just a shell!”), even without the part where he was planning to murder her.

(Lord Byron?)

Original version of the script called for HR to likewise misname Frigg. I think Eric’s the only one of the gamers who ever gets a name? We could probably have named all five of them in this speech of HR’s, but I think that would’ve put too much emphasis on the tubers. Despite how we teased it here, we didn’t want you to get too attached to the idea of them as the “true” main characters.