Oh, hey, we learn something important here: a berserker demon can be completely purged from its host if you act fast! That may mean that Sephora’s okay, since she injected herself with anti-berserk immediately after getting bitten. Or maybe not. Maybe WAV’s audiotherapies and literal divine intervention are the only things that can remove one before it takes root in the soul.

(Geez, what if Braggadocio were not permanently infected and only believed that he was? The sky elves could probably tell the difference, and if they did then they wouldn’t fail to inform him, but still, imagine him finding that out after the series’ end.)

In any case, this dialogue helps explain why Frigg won’t need a lifetime of meds after this chapter. Even if WAV will not be the one to kill this particular virus, he will be able to scan later and confirm its absence.