Been WAVed and confused for so long, it’s not true
They wanted a berserker, never bargained for you
Lots of cultists chantin’, few of them dig
The soul they enchanted was my lady Frigg (Alice Macher)

WAV’s song (“If you went back to the person you were before”) seems to refer to his own situation more directly than Frigg’s, but there’s another way one might read it. Even though we’d eventually debunk the idea that Frigg simply “used to be” a gamer who won a contest, it was still fun to tease it now and then until we did.

The person that WAV more arguably used to be, Payet Best, once defeated a berserker rage by playing a soothing melody. But Best, weirdly enough, understood Byron a lot better than WAV understands Frigg. He knew what words would reach that troubled soul. WAV, for all his charm, is still somewhat foreign to the emotions that so flustered him the last time he and Frigg really talked.