The “gas leak trap” plan discussed here was on my original drawing board, and I remember Flo objected to it. I forget the exact reasons, but I believe a lot of them translated into Chrissie and Lia’s reasons for veto. It would have been a flashy, spectacular climax to the Sepia gamers’ journey into becoming adventurers themselves, and a bit of an echo of the series’ first few pages. But remember how we don’t necessarily want to present adventurers as a bunch of reckless murder hobos?

Shanna has to calibrate her closing line a little bit. She’s come to respect these people, so she stifles the urge to patronize them. But the part of her that blames herself for Kaye and Ferris still has to close this discussion with a warning.

FB, riffing off the Fourth of July: “Sorry, guys, GUILDED AGE’s Fourth of July fireworks have been canceled due to issues of public safety and the rejection of eye-for-an-eye morality.”