The last scene they had together underscored what Lia was coming to see in Daniel: his idealism kindles fires in her she’d thought extinguished. Here, we see the chill pragmatism she’d bring to the table in their hypothetical relationship, which is quickly becoming an actual one. She knows you can’t risk a real defeat just to make a gratifying gesture that feels like a victory. And she knows as well that JJ’s greatest asset is the myth he inspires: the idea of a cool and civil angel of death no one can defeat or outrun. Piercing that myth is part of what they’ll need to do to survive. Daniel basically knows these things too, but his rage over Kaye means he couldn’t keep sight of them if she weren’t here to guide him.

Shanna quietly psychs herself up.

FB: “You know what artists love to draw? Machines that perform the same basic functions, but whose different brands have all kinds of tiny variations, with which their devotees are nevertheless intimately familiar, like cars and guns and cameras. It’s SO GREAT. #Hiveworks”