Flo wrestled a lot with this page of mine…was it going too fast? Isn’t Byron’s prophecy pretty much what he already knows? Could we make a stronger statement about Goblaurence’s refusal of prophecy?…but ultimately, it ran as I drafted it, save one line Flo added to the end. Sometimes you need to be told what you already know in order to properly believe it.

And the callback joke to Byll’bb, from way back in Chapter 1, was a comfort to us. And would it ever pay off in Goblaurence’s last appearance.

This page’s FB promo was one for the Marvel Comics fans: “Okay, everybody line up and get your prophecies in nice, neat alphabetical order! You get a revelation! And you get a revelation! And you get a revelation! Just think: if the prophecies in Civil War II were handled like this, it would save everyone a lot of grief.”