Well, we needed to write something to explain how Shanna could gun a guy down in the street and not at least get questioned about it. We also needed to establish there was some growing police interest in Hurricane’s illegal activities…but not so much interest that the group got sidelined before Shanna’s last confrontation with Carol.

We didn’t name this investigator, but we did say that his “shields” speech was a distillation of the belief that carries him into work every day. That’s a striking contrast with Ardaic on the last page, especially so since police culture is now so…controversial (to put it mildly). More on this tomorrow.

FB: Reeling from the deaths they’ve witnessed and (in at least one case) caused, Shanna’s friends get a short speech about the meaning of a shield-shaped police badge to those who truly serve and protect. And this gang of nerds find themselves surprisingly moved by their episode of viewing the “agents of shield.”