FB: Cop feels.

Lia, looking out the window in Panel 3: “Well, shit, that looked fun. If I’d known he was going to do that, I would’ve asked him if I could do it.”

I’ve seen Flo use an “ACAB” avatar, and Xan is normally as anti-government-authority as our characters get (and remember, Guilded Age has characters who are literally going to overthrow the governments that were once theirs). So Xan’s lines here, written by Flo, are surprising on a number of levels. But one reason I prefer writing fiction to squawking around on social media is that fiction allows for a lot more nuance. Real life is messy and isn’t well served by the simplified, stark positions that online life encourages us to take. Xan seems to be groping toward understanding that as he sifts through his feelings here. From our screen junkie, that’s major growth.