Chrissie’s pairing off with Xan is, I hope, one of those developments that surprises you at first and then you go, “Oh, yeah, that makes sense.” The difference in their worldviews is clear: trusting optimist, distrustful pessimist. But they’ve respected each other for a while, and their differences are the kind that can enrich each other’s lives rather than leading to one fight after another. As one commenter pointed out, the crucible of danger followed by hope tends to forge a lot of bonds.

The way Xan tries to hide behind his hand as he starts feeling things he’s not sure how to handle is just…autisticdorable. (Is that word gonna get me in trouble? Oh well.)


Q: If you’re a band of misfits investigating an interdimensional conspiracy and you believe in the old adage that you are what you eat, what do you get for a quick dinner?

A: Sliders!