This may be belaboring the obvious (always a risk with these annotations), but one of the strengths of Sepia World is that it lets us show violence through a different lens than in Arkerra. Arkerra has occasional nods to violence’s real-life consequences, like Byron’s and Bragga’s PTSD and how Rachel’s death hits Frigg and E-Merl. But I can’t really imagine any of its adventurers agonizing like this over ending a single, non-innocent life.

Chrissie’s not wrong. It was kill or be killed, and even if it did go to trial, the self-defense case is close to inarguable. JJ threatened them all on a live feed. And yet…any life’s loss is a tragedy, regardless of how that life was used. Shanna is also not wrong to take a moment and feel the weight of it.

FB: Fortunately, Shanna is too distraught right now to worry that her supportive nerd allies’ next moves are going to be to sew her an off-brand Punisher costume and start suggesting catchphrases.