Misa may not be Taro’s mental peer, but she’s at least sharper than Iwatani Sr. about the most pressing issue.

We mentioned “appetite” when we introduced the Iwatanis, which is a bit of a nod to their name’s inspiration, the creator of Pac-Man. From the script: “Okay, I may have one or two affairs a year that you know of, but cripes, do you have to be such a sourpuss about it? You always find out way too fast and ruin my fun anyway.” These two are not relationship goals.

I gotta give Taro a little bit of credit here, honestly. Considering what’s starting to happen in the last panel, you might expect him to be cackling with glee on this page, or at least unusually kind and forgiving: “I’m sorry, dear mother, I’ll try to—MWAHAHAHA! GWAHAHA! BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA—be a better son.” But he knows there’s a chance, however slight, that the poison won’t work. So he acts as if he has no scheme at all until he’s sure.

FB: Homeschooling kids this age usually involves some arts and crafts. For instance, this morning Taro’s turned breakfast into a pity party.