Even at this late stage of the game, we still enjoyed sitting down and creating a fresh adventuring party from scratch. This one is four members instead of the usual five, because its fifth member, WAV, is a presence felt by his absence. The whole party is Flo’s invention, and here’s how she described them to John:

To call them adventurers would be generous, so let’s call them survivors. Because that’s all they do. The Survivors of Cyberia are a small group as present here, though they may have greater numbers elsewhere. But they are all in their Cyberian suits, much like WAV was. But as they have different names, they have different purposes, and different functions. And since they’re all armored up, they would otherwise appear genderless.

DOC: Our narrator and point of view for this strange tale, is from and older platform than other Cyberian survivors, looking less cutting edge than his compatriots. He is a Word Processor, and so his primary function is to process words. A talker, a scribe, and with just a hint of Clippy in his imperative to guide others. As such he is not much of a fighter, and he gazes upon an unfathomable phenomenon behind the camera’s shoulder with his own eyes from sitting atop a container.

ZIP: While DOC is a scribe, ZIP is an archivist, a collecor, a gatherer of things. He is the only one of them that appears to be carrying a great variety of tools and/or Cyberian weapons. He is currently setting up a tripod-mounted telescope/scanner/spectrometer/go nuts for DOC’s use

GIF: The token girl of the group, as it were, but nonetheless the smallest member of the group, peering through a pair of spectro-binoculars or y’know, whatever you want. Have fun with the Cyberian tech, buddy. GIF is also obviously their mover and action-oriented group member if there was one. She has the function to replay a movement infinitely, but that’s neither here nor there. But otherwise, she is built for scouting and running.

TIFF: An appearance that looks a bit more blocky and monochrome than the others, TIFF is very large and not at all in charge. But he is large, nonetheless, functionally now their dedicated muscle. But he’s a lifter and a builder, not strictly a fighter (though he is equipped to if he must). He’s looking through his own thingerdoo.

FB: It’s true that a big part of our premise is about alternate worlds that oddly parallel well-known games, but even so, nobody expected the “Red Light, Green Light” universe.