From Flo’s script:

Now in clearer view, HR continues battle with the corruptor beast. They’ve been fighting at a standstill at some level, as the corruptor beast can absorb HR’s magicks… to an extent. They both suffer the damage, but the Corruptor beast regenerates, and HR sweats and grits his teeth and is obviously scuffed up from having been tossed around. As the beast is able to absorb his magicks to some extent, HR’s magicks can deflect the corruptors touch to a small extent. Just enough that no one is clearly winning.

But it is not a simple scrap by any means. Rough terrain abounds, eaten and burrowed through by an older, much more experienced beast.

HR is looking like he is less the man he was before… as though he has already augmented himself with traces of corruptor beast. What’s going on, essentially, IS that HR came to Cyberia to combine himself with more crazy shit to acquire more power so he can do the thing. So he has already absorbed a denizen of this realm or two, searching for the best target, now the corruptor beast. But these augments, so far, would be subtle: HR’s eyes would be berserkish, but purple instead of white. But he will seem equally feral. There may be one, MAYBE two of Byron’s melded-demon-form spikeys coming out of his chest. But again, small amounts, just enough to be present: For now, he is still mostly HR.

(This starts to change as the page concludes.)