We’ll never see this gang again, or indeed any of Cyberia after this, but I choose to believe these four will live on. It’s not conclusive, but HR seems to be focused on conquering Arkerra, not Cyberia. This binge session is just in service to that goal.

In fact, Cyberia might briefly IMPROVE after HR goes through it, since he’s gonna consume a few of its most badass monsters and then just peace out.

The group will still never know what happened to WAV, though…not until Best finds a portal after the series ends, when he and others are exploring the Arkerran frontier. But that’s another story.

FB: In this pixelated maze, four beings scramble for safety as a once-cornered figure reveals he has the power to consume ghostly monsters whose touch is normally fatal. And somewhere inside HR, the part of him that is still a game developer is deeply wounded, as he realizes he’s basically just re-created Pac-Man.