Post-2016-election FB: Panel two, on the right-hand side, features special guest star Nate Silver! He’s never acted before, but after the events of last week, he nailed it in the first take.

I appreciate DOC’s perspective on all this. It shows a different flavor of heroism than adventuring. There’s really no “adventure” to be found in Cyberia, per se. What DOC is doing is more like embedded reporting. Unlike Shanna (or Nate Silver), DOC doesn’t have to worry too much about proving his reports, even when they seem impossible. Crazy threats emerge too often in Cyberia for any other Cyberians to underestimate them.

If anything, they’re slightly prone to OVERestimating them, as when TIFF says “nothing can defeat a Corruptor Beast” when WAV has, in fact, killed many of them.