Seems that some of you were flustered to learn of Weo’s fate yesterday. To me, it seems only logical based on what we know…”this is the only adventure Weo will get to be a part of,” and a member of a race that can be anywhere could certainly choose to participate in more adventures if they had the temperament for it and also had adult independence. And they could do that without putting the larger winter elf society at risk. Even a couple of the winter elves that Best interrupts seem to be coming back from some kind of ski trip, which is kind of an adventure. It’s even possible that some of Weo’s cheeriness, his whole adventurous spirit, is due to having a shorter span of clairvoyance than the other winter elves, and therefore less monotony to weigh his psyche down.

I’m pretty sure Flo and I were agreed on Weo’s short lifespan, though I know Flo was a bit hesitant when it came to the premature death of another child character (Taro, and his death will be “premature” in that it came before adulthood, not in the sense that it won’t be due).

Anyway! With this update, we get a much more textually explicit explanation for Best’s constant costume changes, as well as an amusingly character-based explanation for how the heck our team is going to get off the mountain after ordering Hollister and Clair to leave them alone for their own safety. Gotta say, it would’ve been a really bad time for Hollister and Clair to have started taking Syr’Nj literally.

That look they give each other in the last frame is meant as “We’ve never really tested that,” but it might read as “Oh, shit, we both flunked that subject.” As it will turn out, they’re going to end up a little too accurate for the team’s own ultimate good.