Interesting expressions from the goblins in both reaction panels here. Goblaurence and Auraugu would feel worse if this fight had gone the other way, but they both have some personal feelings about Harky, who led the whole Rebellion to its current position of strength and who promoted Goblaurence into his current, much more respected role. And Don Gobligno…man, I think that might be the only time in the entire series that he looks actually dignified. One might expect him to be smirking and scheming when no eyes were on him…Harky did humiliate him in public, after all…but no. Maybe he’s just deep in thought about what this political shift means for his own ambitions. Or maybe he’s actually feeling some emotions appropriate to the moment.

Nothing to say about Gondolessa’s tearful face, or Penk’s grim one, except that John earns his stripes as ever.

Designated representatives stand in for the leaders who couldn’t make it. A high-ranking troll stands in for Harky, for obvious reasons, and an elder dwarf stands in for…well, it would’ve been Iver, who made some excuse in preparation for his coup attempt, but now he’s standing in for Gravedust. Similarly, Magda is missing from the observers’ row on the left because she’s busy carting Iver off to his sentencing.