In earlier notes, this chapter included a lot of B’ial Vezk and sky elf stuff that we ultimately put into Chapter 47. There was also a different ending in which Harky, though spared by Penk, is still kind of broken past the limits of even troll healing. He retires from battle, content that trolldom has a future. Bonecrusher ascends to the world beyond, and we end with Auraugu at Madam Arfa’s bedside, delivering news of Penk and Harky’s contest that pleases her.

It wasn’t bad, but it was all a little unfocused. And I think we’ve been over why Harky ultimately needed to go. In light of that, we elected to keep Arfa up and around for a little longer.

Very nice silent moment in panel 2.

In his closing speech, Penk embraces the language of his allies that he once viewed with skepticism. The Gastonian Peacemakers are no more, but informally, he and his allies are all peace-makers now.