I never thought about this before, but it’s interesting that Penk begins this scene by thinking about his literal high position, and how that puts so many things in their proper perspective…only to confront Rana, who is 100% lacking in perspective even though he’s usually higher up than anybody. This is the second time in this chapter Penk’s going to have to talk to someone who’s lost their mate to violence, but it’s practice for the many more he’ll have to talk to after his first battle as warchief.

(Almost went with the Arthur C. Clarke novel as the image for this entry, but then I remembered that novel’s called Rendezvous with Rama. So close!)

FB: This sort of reaction to being on high just shows that Penk, like Harky, has the right sort of stuff. The last chieftain before them kept muttering, “They all look like ants from here… hahahaha, ants, ANTS!”