It was John’s idea to have Rana doff his goggles for this page, and it’s so effective that I’m ready to forgive all those superhero movies that conveniently remove the hero’s mask for an emotional climax.

This is Flo’s page, but it’s really Rana’s if you know what I mean. I’ve let the characters take over the story often enough that I can sometimes see when someone else is doing it.

We could’ve shown Rana’s flights in flashback, but it would’ve taken y’all far longer to understand that they weren’t really going anywhere. Having the words tumble out of Rana like this is more satisfying and puts everyone right inside his poor, ravaged psyche.

FB: “I’ve wandered around aimlessly for days even though I had a nominal destination in mind, I’m hallucinating, I’m sort of amnesiac, I’m sleep-deprived, I’m malnourished, I’m obsessed, and I’m completely unaware of any changes to our genocidal mission statement you might have made in my absence. So, is my spot on the front lines still open?” (“And hey, where’s Harky?”)