FB: Many years ago, when Syr’Nj’s father was young and no less fervent, he said, “One day, I promise you, the humans’ most seasoned warriors will be before us on their knees!”

Syr’Nj and Byron map to me and Flo in a way. This moment was a complete surprise to me and something Flo had planned since “The Last Axemas Story.” She’d wanted to include it in that tale, and Byron mentioned getting a ring for Syr’Nj when scouting for gifts. But the confrontation between Best and Byron became so much the heart of that story that there wasn’t really room left for a proposal scene. Or, if you prefer, Byron decided to put off proposing for just a bit to make sure he and Syr’Nj didn’t overshadow the holiday. There are gifts wrapped for everyone when Byron holds court later, so he must’ve found something else for Syr’Nj in the meantime. Maybe some documents from those poor dead mountaineers that otherwise would’ve been lost to history.

“But aren’t they married already?” some of you asked. Yes and no. She proposed to him in the manner of her people and they were recognized by B’ial Vezk’s ruling authority. Most everyone treated them as married after that. But now he’s proposing to her, in the manner of his people. It may not change much between them really, it’s more like renewing the vows, but it’s still one heck of a valentine. Man, I need to raise my game for Janice’s birthday.