FB: Meanwhile, Sepia T Campbell is wondering why all the crossword squares in the paper are black, because it’s just that kind of day.

GG = “Good game.”

I’m tagging the fourth-panel cameo as “Flo” here, although in this as in all her Guilded Age appearances, Flo had not yet taken the name. I do wonder about that issue sometimes—when it’s correct to label the past in terms of the present—though two factors guide me throughout these annotations: Flo’s a friend and I know her preferences, and we have enough trouble getting people to recognize trans identities in the present. Still, if anyone knows any resources to study on these matters of usage, I’d be obliged.

ICYMI, some of Taro’s core personality seems to live on in the Purplezerker he has become, which is now consuming everything, including its brethren, to become a truly unstoppable menace. That’s that can-do Iwatani spirit!