Editorial cartoon consumerismFB: For bonus fun, write something on the belly of the beast in panel 3 and make your own political cartoon! We’d probably go with TRUMPISM or AJIT PAI, but you could try anything, really: RACIAL HATRED, FATALISM, DISNEY-OWNED FRANCHISES. 

Apparently we briefly considered having Sir Groff die in this fight…and even more briefly considered that fate befalling Auraugu. I think it was too soon for Groff, but it wouldn’t have been the worst way for Auraugu to go out after that glorious moment where his kick toppled the last of the Heads of Houses. Ultimately, we had mercy on them both: there’s another sacrifice coming up in this sequence, which feels like enough.

The blue pointy stuff on the Tarozerker is described in the script as “teeth where there should not be teeth.”