So here we learn that these constant setbacks aren’t just setbacks…HR-the-god can feel pain, however much he’d like to conceal that fact.

Reader titlebreaker noted that those faces seem to say “contempt” more than “pity.” There’s sometimes a fine line between the two, and it’s hard to tell which one would piss HR off more. I imagine it’s a bit strategic of Gravedust to say this when he does, rattling HR’s already fragile self-control. But I also think he’s sincere. HR’s power doesn’t impress him: he’s seen similarly soulless beings of power in the afterlife and behind the eye of the Corruptor Beast. Spiritual strength defines his life, and that’s a power HR can’t begin to understand.

FB: When a narcissist tries to redefine your reality, it’s important that your reply comes straight from the heart.